North Division W L Pts
Newtown Outlaws 5 0 10
Monroe Top Hats 3 2 6
Fairfield Mariners 2 2 4
Milford A's 2 4 4
Bridgeport Dodgers 1 3 2
Trumbull Titans 1 3 2
South Division
Stamford Pirates 5 1 10
Westport Cardinals 3 1 6
Fairfield Royals 3 1 6
New Canaan Cannons 1 3 2
Stamford Mets 1 3 2
Bridgeport Brewers 0 4 0

5/299:00 amTitans vs. DodgersPost Score
5/299:00 amA's vs. OutlawsHuckleberry BrkPost Score
5/299:00 amCannons vs. CardinalsMead ParkPost Score
5/299:00 amBrewers vs. MetsStamford HSPost Score
6/59:00 amDodgers vs. Cannons
6/59:00 amMariners vs. Pirates
6/59:00 amMets vs. Titans
6/59:00 amOutlaws vs. Cardinals
6/59:00 amBrewers vs. A's
6/129:00 amTop Hats vs. Brewers
6/129:00 amCannons vs. Mariners
6/129:00 amDodgers vs. Pirates
6/129:00 amCardinals vs. Titans
6/129:00 amA's vs. Royals
6/129:00 amMets vs. Outlaws
6/199:00 amRoyals vs. Mariners
6/199:00 amCardinals vs. Top Hats
6/199:00 amOutlaws vs. Cannons
6/199:00 amDodgers vs. Mets

5/22 (Cubeta)RHE
Milford A's7141
Stamford Pirates8111
WP: Joe Paccione (2-0)
A's: Starting pitcher held the Pirates in check for 7 innings leaving the game with an 6-3 lead.
Pirates: Walk off game winning single in the bottom of the ninth for Kevin Clark. Pirates trailed all game scoring five runs in the final two innings for the wallk off win. Dave Moriarity fought thru 8 1/3 innings keeping the Pirates in the game. Cam Giordano 2 hits 3 RBI HR (1) and a couple of great plays behind the plate, TJ Sportini 2 hits RBI, Lou Vega 3 hits, Tim Sticco 2 clutch RBI in the 8th.

5/22 (Huckleberry Brk)RHE
New Canaan Cannons690
Newtown Outlaws780
WP: Miles Scribner
LP: Wally Hurd
Cannons: The Cannons played a great game and led 6-0 at one Point. The Cannons put up 3 runs in both the 4th and 5th innings. Justin Parker kept the Outlaws bats silenced through 6. Linnean had a big two run single to put the cannons on top.
Outlaws: The Outlaws didn't do much offense lively until the 6th when they finally got a run on the board. The offense finally woke up in the 7th when they scored 5 runs to tie the game. In the top of the tenth the Outlaws had Tony Patane and Cody Sestito single to put runners on and then Dan Murdoch won the game with a walk off single

5/22 (Vets Easton)RHE
Fairfield Mariners462
Fairfield Royals6122
WP: Moran (2-0)
LP: Lee
Mariners: Mariners threatened throughout the game, almost tying the game in the 8th and 9th. Lee pitch a solid 9 innings.
Royals: Royals jumped out to an early 3-0 lead by Reding 3/4 (triple)Moran pitched 9 solid innings and was 2 for 4 at the plate.

5/22 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Westport Cardinals9131
Monroe Top Hats573
WP: Griff Anthony
S: Brendan Taylor
Cardinals: Van Zant 2-5, run. Grasso 2-5, RBI, run. Anderson 2-4 , 2B,BB, 3 runs. Taylor 3-4, 3B, 2 RBIs, run, HBP. Lasko 1-5, run. Moody 2-4, 3 RBIs, run, HBP. Casale, 2BB. Gardener 1-3, 2B, 2 RBIs, sac. Thornton 2HBP. Taylor (Billy) BB, run. Sanchez 1-2.
Top Hats: Bartlett 1-3, BB, HBP, run. Phillips 1-3, 2BB, run. Williams 1-3, BB, run. Moss 2-3, 3B, RBI, 2BB, run. Brink 2RBI, BB, HBP, SB. Erikson 1-5. Tuba BB, HBP. Rago, BB. Pagel 1-3. Lodano run.

5/1 (Central HS)RHE
Stamford Pirates10130
Bridgeport Brewers680
Pirates: Evan Smith lead the offense with 4 hits and 4 RBI's. Solid pitching from Piccirrillo and Gussaroff.
Brewers: Mora and Swedock lead the Brewers offense.

5/1 (Platt Tech)RHE
Milford A's17140
Trumbull Titans363
WP: Olenski
A's: Petito H,2R,SB. Morrissey DBL,3R. Tracy 3-4,DBL,3R.Morytko, Kaminski, Moulton 2H apiece. Olenski 5IP, 6H, 1R
Titans: Micknowitz 2H, Thor DBL,R. Tirilo Triple

5/1 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Newtown Outlaws650
Monroe Top Hats010
WP: Chris Arconti
LP: Clem Alvear
Outlaws: The Outlaws picked up their 3rd win of the season behind Chris Arconti. Arconti pitched seven innings of shutout baseball. Pete Yaciuk and Mile Scribner held the Top Hats scoreless for the 7th and 8th. The Offense was led by Cody Sestito who had 2 hits and 2 RBIs. Logan Adler helped break the game up with a big two out two run dbl in the 6th
Top Hats: Clem Alvear pitched great. He held the Outlaws to one run in his 4 innings of work. Chris Tuba made a great diving catch in the 7th inning

4/24 (Central HS)RHE
Newtown Outlaws595
Bridgeport Dodgers382
WP: Chris Arconti
S: Miles Scribner
Outlaws: The Outlaws picked up win number 2 on Sunday. Chris Arconti picked up the win pitching 6 solid innings. The offense was led by Nick Magoulas, Tony Patane and the Red Hot Darren Lavalle. They all had at least two hits
Dodgers: The Dodgers played a great game and had some stellar defensive plays. They Battled the Outlaws throughout the game. Their offense was led by Castillo, Baldwin and Shapiro

4/24 (Cubeta)RHE
Westport Cardinals8111
Stamford Pirates160
WP: Matt Bartolomei
Cardinals: Barto threw 8 strong, 8Ks, 5 hits, 2BB, 0 earned. Griff Anthony threw the 9th yielding a couple of hits while striking out one. Anagnostou 3-5, 2B, 2 SB, 2 runs. Grasso 1-5, SB, run. Anderson 2-2, Sac, 2RBI, BB, 2, run. Taylor, 1-4, HR, RBI, 2 runs. Van Zandt 3-4, RBI, 3SB, run. Lasko 1-4. Moody, HBP. Sanchez, BB, run
Pirates: Joe, BB. Chris 1-3, Scott, 1-4. Cam, 1-4, 2B, run. TJ, 1-4, RBI. Evan 3-4, 2B, Lou 1-4.

4/24 (Cubeta)RHE
Stamford Mets11162
Fairfield Royals10103
WP: Louis Baio (1-0)
S: Nick Laico (1)
LP: Moran
Mets: Back and forth battle. Mets hold on to 11-8 lead going into bottom of ninth, to win 11-10. McGinn 2-5, 3R, SB; Laico 2 Innings in Relief for save; Wheelis 4-5, 2B, 3R, 3RBI; W Iglesias 3-4, 2R, 2RBI; Falkoff 2-4, 1RBI; Banks 2-5, 1R, 1RBI; Shtufaj 2-4, 1R, 1RBI.
Royals: Low 3-5,2R; Tarrantino 2-4, 2R; Moran 3-3, 2x2B

4/24 (Mead Park)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers451
New Canaan Cannons15182
WP: Hurd
S: Parker
LP: Mackey
Brewers: The Brewers were led by Monroe(reached base 3 times), Gaffney(1H,2R), Swedock(1H/R), White(1H/RBI), Blau(RBI), and Mackey(1H).
Cannons: The Cannons won with an all-round team effort led by great pitching(Hurd 5IP/2H/0R/6Ks and Parker 4IP/2ER/3H), solid infield defense(Dunnam, Denicola, Biasi, Doyle turned 2 DPs), and lively bats(Fonseca 2H, 2R/VanWagenen 3 H, 4RBI/Hurd 2H/Dunnam 3H, 2R/Linnean 2H, 2R/Cassar 3RBI/Lopez 2RBI).

4/24 (Platt Tech)RHE
Monroe Top Hats1780
Milford A's2108
WP: J.Buchetto (1-0)
S: M.Costantini
LP: Olenski
Top Hats: Top Hats had 2 big innings scoring 6 in the 2nd and another 5 in the 4th capitalizing on 6 A's errors in the inning. S.Brink had a double and 4 RBI, J.Moss 2 hits and an RBI, D.Erickson 2 hits and 2 RBI, and M.Bartlett a double and RBI. J.Buchetto threw 2 solid innings in relief for the win and Costantini the final 2 for the save.
A's: The A's outhit the Hats in this game but one catastrophic inning in the field put this game out of reach. The A's settled in and played solid the remainder of the game. Kuroc and Morytko pitched well in relief. Klemenz had two hits and an RBI, Morrissey 2 hits, Hayward a triple and RBI, and Kaminski 2 hits.

4/24 (Vets Easton)RHE
Trumbull Titans8101
Fairfield Mariners491
WP: Lewicki (1-1)
S: Tiriolo (1)
LP: Lee
Titans: A very tight game early, very well played. The Titans tied the game in the 7th inning at 2. Brian Tiriolo racked up 3 RBIs on 3 hits for the Titans. He tripled in the eighth inning to break the game open. Gio Davis added 2 hits, incl. a 2B. Lewicki worked out of three difficult moments for the Titans, pitching 7 innings and allowing 2 earned runs on 7 hits. 2B: Davis 3B: Tiriolo RBI: Lapin 3, Tiriolo 4, Tsouris, Denise
Mariners: The Mariners jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first. Rich Lee kept the Titans' bats quiet for most of the game. The Mariners kept the pressure on throughout thanks to timely power hitting.

4/17 (Central HS)RHE
Fairfield Royals18203
Bridgeport Brewers551
WP: LaSusa (1-0)
Royals: Susa pitched solid 6 innings, allowing 1 hit and 4BBS. Royals offense hit well with Low and Morgan each hitting a triple and Pepe 3 for 6 with 4 RBIs.
Brewers: Brewers strung together a bunch of hits in the later innings to put up four runs.

4/17 (Cubeta)RHE
Westport Cardinals12141
Stamford Mets384
WP: Anagnostou 1-0
Cardinals: Anagnostou BB, run scored. Van Zant 1-5, 2 SB, run. Anderson 1-5m RBI, SB, run. Brendan Taylor 1-5, 3B, SAC, RBI, SB. Clauson 1-2, 3BB, 2 runs. Moody 1-4, BB, 2 runs. Grasso 3-4, 2B, 3 RBIs, SB, run. Lasko 2-4, 2 RBI, run. Casale 2-4, 2 runs. Lange 1-4. Billy Taylor 1-1, BB, run.
Mets: Cognetta 2-4 run. Laico 2-4. Whiells 1-3, 2B, 2 RBI. Kent 1-2. Falkoff 1-3. Banks HBP, run. Inglesias 1-3, RBI.

4/17 (Mead Park)RHE
Stamford Pirates7140
New Canaan Cannons030
WP: Rick Piccirillo (1-0)
LP: Carew
Pirates: Three Pirate pitchers combined for the shut out allowing only 3 hits striking out 9 and walking 3. Rick picked up the win throwing 6inn allowing only 1 hit walking 3 and striking out 6. The offense was paced by TJ Sportini's monster 3 run HR. His second in as many games. This one was a bomb to left center landing on the batting cage at Mead (google maps has it at 386 feet). He finished the day with 3 hits and 4RBI. Scott Gussaroff 3 hits 2RBI 2RS, Paccione 2 hits.
Cannons: This game was a lot closer then the score. Carew pitched well to start leaving with 2-0 deficit in the 6th. Pirates broke the game open a few innings later.

4/17 (Platt Tech)RHE
Fairfield Mariners11142
Milford A's266
WP: Rich Lee 1-0
Mariners: Rich Lee pitched 7 inn 4Hits 5Ks 1Run and Brenden Monroe finished the last 2 innings. The Mariners had a 14 hit attack led by RJ Marsh 3-5 1 Double 2 Singles, Kyle Trudeau 3-5 3 singles 2RBIs Imtiaz Vohra 3-6 3 singles Frank Lato 2-5 2 Doubles 2RBIs 3RS Brenden Monroe 2-4 2 Singles 1 RBI
A's: A's struggled in the top of 1st giving up a 5 spot, then settled down to play an even game.

4/17 (Trumbull JV)RHE
Newtown Outlaws12160
Trumbull Titans160
WP: Miles Scribner
Outlaws: Chris Arconti got the Outlaws off to a great start pitching 4 innings. The Outlaws bullpen picked him up afterwards as the Outlaws picked up their 1st win of the year. The Offense was led by Darren Lavelle who had three hits and Mike Henry who drove in 2 runs to break the game open.
Titans: The Titans pitching kept the Outlaws in check early and it was a 2-1 game through 6.

4/17 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers583
Monroe Top Hats886
WP: C.Bajda (1-0)
LP: D.Soto
Dodgers: Dodgers played a solid game other than one bad inning in the field that cost them. E.Candeleria threw 6 shutout innings giving up 2 hits and a walk with 1 K. Hernandez had 3 hits, Baldwin a single and double, and Candeleria, Nieves, and Seplak a hit each. Seplak also stole home in the 5th.
Top Hats: Top Hats survived some shaky defense early and scored 6 times in the 8th for the comeback victory. T.Simpson had 2 hits; J.Londono had a single, sac fly and 3 RBI; C.Tuba a hit and RBI. 4 pitchers, M.Costantini, J.Buchetto, B.Pagel, and C.Bajda combined for the win.

4/10 (Central HS)RHE
Milford A's250
Bridgeport Dodgers392
WP: D. Merole
A's: On a very cold day both teams played competitive baseball. The A's are a solid club. A's pitching stepped up and provided their team with an chance to win this one. Unfortunately, the A's were not able to take advantage of a few opportunities to score more runs.
Dodgers: The Dodgers were able to win this game in walk-off fashion. Great way to start the season. Shapiro had two of the Dodger RBIs; while Nieves had the game-winning RBI single. Solid pitching from Merole and Nieves.

4/10 (Westhill HS)RHE
Stamford Pirates12130
Stamford Mets350
WP: Rick Piccirillo (1-0)
Pirates: Rick pitched 4 hitless innings to start the season striking out 5 and walking 2 batters. Scott Gussaroff closed out the game pitching the last two innings striking out 6 and walking 2. Cam Giordano 3 hits, Gussaroff 2 hits 2RS RBI, Paccione 3 hits 2RS RBI, Tim Sticco 2 hits 2RS, TJ Spartini with the Oppo HR off the score board in his first game in the league.
Mets: Close game thru 5 innings ... some costly errors in the 5th turn the tide.