North Division W L Pts
Bridgeport Dodgers 8 0 16
Milford A's 5 5 10
Monroe Top Hats 4 5 8
Trumbull Titans 3 5 6
Fairfield Mariners 2 6 4
Bridgeport Brewers 1 6 2
South Division
Westport Cardinals 7 1 14
Stamford Pirates 6 2 12
New Canaan Cannons 5 3 10
Fairfield Royals 4 5 8
Stamford Mets 1 8 2

7/68:00 PMMariners vs. TitansWilton HSPost Score
7/129:00 AMBrewers vs. Dodgers
7/1210:00 AMMets vs. CardinalsDoubleday
7/129:00 AMPirates vs. RoyalsHarbor Yard
7/129:00 AMA's vs. MarinersPlatt Tech
7/199:00 AMCardinals vs. Brewers
7/199:00 AMRoyals vs. Mariners
7/199:00 AMPirates vs. Dodgers
7/199:00 AMTop Hats vs. Mets
7/199:00 AMBrewers vs. Cardinals
7/1912:00 AMDodgers vs. Pirates
7/199:00 AMCannons vs. A's
7/269:00 AMMariners vs. Dodgers
7/269:00 AMBrewers vs. Top Hats
7/269:00 AMPirates vs. Cannons
7/269:00 AMA's vs. Titans
7/269:00 AMRoyals vs. Cardinals
7/269:00 AMPirates vs. A's
8/29:00 AMMets vs. Brewers

7/5 (Mead Park)RHE
New Canaan Cannons21182
Stamford Mets586
WP: Hurd 1-0
LP: Telesco
Cannons: Hurd pitches 4 scoreless innings giving up 1 hit, he adds 4 hits and drives in 4. Jones and Valentine drive in 3 each. Fonseca & Borsey, 2 hits, and Lopez, 3 hits, score 3 runs. Doyle went 3 innings allowing 1 run. Cannons turn 3 double plays.
Mets: Leigh, Pratt, and Passanti each have 1 hit, drive in 1, and score a run. Banks gets 2 hits drives in a run and makes several nice plays in the outfield. Telesco goes entire game and only allows 3 runs over last 4 innings.

6/14 (Cubeta)RHE
Fairfield Royals221
Stamford Mets342
WP: Adam Cognetta (1-0)
LP: Lasusa
Royals: Ingraham led off with a booming 2B, 1 R
Mets: Cognetta pitched a gem, complete game for the Mets 1st Win, 7 IP, 2R, @ER, 2H, 5K, 3BB. Shtufaj, Adirente, Izzo scored to win the game in the bottom of the 6th. Mets defense was solid for this one. Good game Mets! Nice win.

6/14 (Cubeta)RHE
Stamford Mets131
Fairfield Royals19121
WP: LaSusa (4-2)
LP: Falkoff (0-3)
Mets: Leigh hits HR to start the game but bats fall quiet.
Royals: Skeleton crew for the Royals bounced back putting up 8 runs in the first inning with a total of 12bbs and 12 hits.

6/14 (Mead Park)RHE
Westport Cardinals271
New Canaan Cannons3151
WP: Justin Parker
S: Scott Carew
LP: Anagastou
Cardinals: Anagastou pitched a competitive complete game-bending not breaking and scored both Cardinal runs. Anderson had an RBI single and Taylor solid behind the plate
Cannons: Pitching was excellent with Parker 5+-a nice segment by Zach Stone (5 ks) and Carew closing it out.John Borsey roped 3 hits, Wally Hurd, Brodie Van Wagenen and Carew 2 each including the game-winner--Cannons stranded lots of runners but got it done w/ great defense

6/14 (Platt Tech)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers9132
Milford A's4152
WP: Jason Soto
Dodgers: The Dodgers had a good day offensively. They hit the ball well and also demonstrated plate discipline drawing 4 walks. As usual, pitching and defense played a big part in this win. Jay and Jose shut down a hard-hitting A's team.
A's: The A's came up short in this game, but they displayed the type of determination that will surely carry them into the playoffs. The Dodgers made a few good defensive plays to shut down the 6th inning when the A's began a rally. Tough loss, but a very good team in the A's ball club.

6/14 (Vets Easton)RHE
Monroe Top Hats9102
Fairfield Mariners291
WP: C.Bajda
LP: R.Lee
Top Hats: C.Bajda threw 6 strong for the win, giving up a run on 7 hits, 1 walk, and 7 K's. B.Pagel had 2 hits, 2 runs, and an RBI, S.Brink 2 hits, a run, and 2RBI, J.Pellegrino a single and double, and J.Mcdougall 2 singles and a double. Hats broke it open with 5 runs in the 3rd and held off the Mariners behind strong pitching and defense.
Mariners: R.Lee pitched 7 innings and threw well other than a tough 3rd. Munson and Monroe each had 2 hits for the Mariners. Lato also had 2 hits and 2 runs scored. Davis, Rowland, and Smith had a hit each.

6/7 (Central HS)RHE
Milford A's260
Bridgeport Brewers362
WP: B.Allen
A's: 2-2 LaFerriere 2B Dombrowski 3B Ambrosio RBI's Petito,LaFerriere
Brewers: 2-3 Voerg 2B Monroe RBI's White,C.Shearn,Monroe

6/7 (Central HS)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers271
Milford A's13152
WP: Kuruc
Brewers: Monroe Double,SB. M.Shearn 2-3, Double. Voerg 2-3. White Single,SB. O'Donoghue Triple, Run
A's: Big offensive game for the A's. Petito 3-4,3 Runs. Kamenskoye 2-4, Run. Dombrowski 2-3, 2Runs, 4 RBI. Tracy 2-3, Run, SB, RBI. Newton 2-3, 2Runs, 2 RBI. Lafferriere 3-4, 2 RBI, Run. Handler 1-3, 2RBI. Neely Run. Kuruc 4 IP. 4H, 4K, 0 ER. Olenski 2 IP, 3K, 1 ER

6/7 (Mead Park)RHE
Fairfield Royals172
New Canaan Cannons13150
WP: Thayer Doyle
S: Zack Stone
LP: Warren Klein
Royals: Klein is a good pitcher--tough day--James Jordan hit a 350 ft homer Ingram all dueces--2 hits 2 steals threw out 2 guys at the plate from LF
Cannons: Cannons defense air-tight impressive --5 D.P.s--matt Nussbaum, Tom Dunnam, Dom DeNicola 3 hits each, Fonseca 2---parker 4 solid innings of relief pitching

6/7 (Stamford HS)RHE
Stamford Mets3100
Stamford Pirates13190
WP: Dave Moriarty (2-1)
Mets: This game was a lot closer then the final score with the Mets trailing only 2-1 heading into the bottom of the 7th. Starting pitcher for the Mets pitched very well.
Pirates: The age-less Dave Moriarty got the start and threw 6 strong innings allowing only one unearned run on 4 hits while striking out 7 on his way to the win. Sticco with 3 doubles and 4RBI, Giordano 3 hits, 2 doubles 3 RBI SB, Jimenez 3 hits 3RS 2B SB. Scap 2 hits 2B 2RBI. Clark 3 hits Brian Duncan 2 hits SB. Every Pirate starter had at least one hit.

6/7 (Vets Easton)RHE
Trumbull Titans7125
Fairfield Mariners22201
WP: Rich Lee
Mariners: Mariners bats awoke. Rich Lee pitched good. Frank Lato 4-4 2-1B,2B,3B,3RBIs..Eric Mullen 3-4,2-IB,1-2B,3-RBIs...Tim Christensen 3-4,3-IB,3-RBIs and 2 hits apiece from Imtiaz Vohra,Al Smith,Kyle Trudeau,Billy Bardes,and Bob Manowitz

6/7 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers7133
Monroe Top Hats681
WP: Jose Nieves
S: N/A
LP: Alvear
Dodgers: The Dodgers were short-handed in this match up, as they were missing a few bats in the middle of the order. However, they did come up with timely hitting to provide their pitchers enough runs for the win. Jose Nieves and Jason Soto pitched well in this game. The first six hitters in the lineup had a multiple hits on the day.
Top Hats: The Top Hats fought hard in this match up. They refused to give up as they scored 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth to come within one run. The Top Hats are talented ball club, but unfortunately they came up short today. Well-played game by the Top Hats.

6/5 (Harbor Yard)RHE
Fairfield Royals9121
Trumbull Titans4101
WP: LaSusa (3-1)
Royals: Royals bounced back from last weeks loss lead by T Low going 2 for 3 (2b), W. Ingram 2 for 5 (3b) and J Howard 3 for 4 with 3 RBI's, LaSusa pitched 8 solid innings giving up 3 earned runs.
Titans: Solid pitching from Trumbull and clutch hitting kept the game within 2 runs up until the bottom of the 7th.

5/31 (Central HS BPT)RHE
New Canaan Cannons492
Bridgeport Dodgers11172
Dodgers: Well played game by both teams. Parker pitched well for the Cannons. Dodgers put up 7 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to put them ahead by 10, but the Cannons refused to quit. Well fought game on both sides

5/31 (Cubeta)RHE
Stamford Pirates5110
Fairfield Mariners120
WP: Brian Duncan (1-0)
LP: Rich Lee
Pirates: Brian Duncan was outstanding tossing a complete game allowing only 2 hits and striking out three. The only run allowed came with two outs in the 7th and was unearned. Roneil Icatar, Chris Jimenez and Tim Sticco paced the offense with 2 hits each. Kevin Clark with 3 RBI.
Mariners: Rich Lee was solid keeping the game close until the 6th when the Pirates broke it opened.

5/31 (Cubeta)RHE
Fairfield Mariners030
Stamford Pirates9150
WP: Tom Longyear (3-1)
Pirates: Tommy was great again going the distance allowing only 3 hits and striking out 4 in route to a shut out. Pirate offense really came alive multi hit games by Clark, Jimenez, Scap and Vega. Kevin Clark added 2 more RBI giving him 5 on the day.

5/31 (Doubleday)RHE
Westport Cardinals9122
Monroe Top Hats462
WP: Matt Bartolomei 4-0
Cardinals: Complete game for Barto 2 Earned, 10Ks great job. Anagnostou 2-4, 3 runs, RBI. Calouri 1-3, 3B, RBI, run. Anderson 2-2, 2B, sac, 3 RBIs, run. Moody 1-2, HBP, SB, run. Garey 1-3, run. Genovese 1-3, 2B, RBI. Lange 1-1, run. Gardner 2-3, SB, run.
Top Hats: Hill 2-4, 2 runs. Erikson 2-4, RBI. Moss 1-3, HBP, SB, run. Brink 1-3, 2B. Simpson 1-3, BB, SB, run.

5/31 (Doubleday)RHE
Monroe Top Hats250
Westport Cardinals8131
WP: Matt Bartolomei 5-0
Top Hats: Simpson 3-3, 2 2Bs, Erikson 1-3 run, Brink 1-3, RBI.
Cardinals: Barto with his second complete game of the day 2 earned, 8Ks, quite a day! Anagnostou 2-3, SB, 2 runs. Brendan Taylor 2-3, 3B, 2 RBI, run. Anderson 3-3, 2 RBIs. Moody 2-3, run and no HBP, how about that. Calouri 2-2, HBP, 2 runs. Genovese 1-2, BB, 3B, 2 RBI, run. Gardner 1-3.

5/31 (Platt Tech)RHE
Milford A's791
Stamford Mets172
WP: Kuruc
S: Morytko
A's: Petito 2 walks, 6 on the day, Run. Morrissey Single, Run. David 3-4, 2 RBI, 2 SB. Newton Run, 2 SB. Morytko Single, Run. Hayward Single, Run. Klemenz 2-3, Run, SB. Kuruc 5IP, 1 Run, 4H, 3K. Morytko 2IP, 3H, 6 K
Mets: Mets down 2-1 till the 6th.

5/31 (Platt Tech)RHE
Stamford Mets331
Milford A's17142
WP: Klemenz 1-0
Mets: Mets take a 3-0 lead in the first , game was 4-3 until A's break it open in the 4th
A's: Petito once again leads the charge drawing 4 walks and scoring 3 runs. Morrissey 2-4, RBI. Tracey 2 Triples,2 Runs, 2 RBI. David Single, 2Runs, RBI. Newton 2 Runs. Morytko 2-3, 4 RBI. Lafferriere 2-3, 2 SB, 2 Runs, RBI. Hayward Triple. Kaminski 3-3, Double, 3 RBI. Klemenz 5IP, 3K

5/31 (Wilton HS)RHE
Trumbull Titans11100
Fairfield Royals9100
WP: Plofkin (1-0)
S: James (1)
Titans: The Titans dug themselves a deep hole early, falling behind big before scoring 9 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning. After scoring 2 runs in the 8th, Scott James came in to nail down the victory for his first save of the season. Tsouris, Tiriolo both 2 for 3 with a run scored, Davis - 3 runs scored
Royals: The Royals jumped out to an early lead, taking advantage of their opportunities and pitching well deep in to the game, only facing 18 batters through the first 5 innings. A tough 6th was the difference in the game.

5/24 (Cubeta)RHE
Milford A's462
Stamford Pirates8122
WP: Dave Moriarty (1-1)
A's: Well played game by the A's pitching was very good for most of the game really only bending in a few innings. Middle of the lineup is very tuff. Good team!
Pirates: Pitching led the way for the Pirates with Brian Duncan and Dave Moriarty scattering 6 hits 1 earned run and striking out 8 over 9 innings. The offense was led by Cam Giordano 4-4 3B RBI RS and Scott Gussaroff 3-3 3RBI RS. Tim Sticco added 2 hits and an RBI and Giordano and Jimenez each with a pair of stolen bases.

5/24 (Doubleday)RHE
Trumbull Titans6113
Westport Cardinals7115
WP: Hite 2-0
Titans: Davis BB, run. Jarit 2-5 run. Grasso 1-5 run. Tsouris 1-4, 2 runs. Tiroliolo 3-4 2RBI, run. Mincknowitz 1-4, RBI. Denise 2-3 RBI. Speckman 2-4, RBI.
Cardinals: Anagnostou 1-4, 2SB, run. Taylor 1-4, SB, run. Anderson 2-4, 2RBI, SB. Clauson 1-2, 2BB, run. Garey 1-3, run. Lasko 1-4. Thornton 1-3, HBP. Gardner 2-3, 2RBI, BB game winning RBI. Sanchez BB, SB. Lange HBP. Billy Taylor gunned down two, BB, run

5/24 (Mead)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers591
New Canaan Cannons8102
WP: Thayer Doyle
LP: Chris Shearn
Brewers: Shearn allowed 8 runs in first 2 innings then settled in nicely. Gaffney and Ostreska had 2 hits each and Monroe made several nice plays at SS
Cannons: Cannons jumped out to an early 8-0 lead then hung -on as the Brewers rallied. Scott Carew started went-4 then Thayer Doyle cruised through the next 5 scattering 4 hits and 1 run.Matt Nussbaum and Brian valentine each had 2 hits as did Mike Fonseca who drove in 2

5/17 (Central HS Bpt)RHE
Monroe Top Hats11153
Bridgeport Brewers454
WP: M.Hill
LP: B.Allen
Top Hats: M.Hill threw a CG 5-hitter, giving up 4 unearned runs on 5 hits, no walks, and 3 K's. Hats exploded for 15 hits. T.Simpson had 4 hits incl. a triple,J.Mcdougall 2 hits, J.Moss a hit and 4 RBI, S.Briink 2 doubles and 2 RBI, and Hill with 3 hits. Marcus was very efficient on the mound closing out the CG on only 82 pitches.
Brewers: B.Allen pitched well, going 5 innings giving up 4 runs on 7 hits, 1 walk, and 4 K's. He also had a hit, 2 SB, and scored a run. M.Mora had a double and scored 2 runs. The Brewers came out swinging, ran the bases well, and capitalized on the 3 Top Hat errors to keep this a tie game through 4 innings and close through 7.

5/17 (Doubleday)RHE
Stamford Pirates031
Westport Cardinals351
WP: Matt Bartolomei 3-0
Pirates: Great pitching on both sides, game started at 9:15 and ended at 10:58. Pic with the hit that broke up the no no in the 7th, MacDonald and Icarta had the other two.
Cardinals: Barto pitched a shut out gem, basically perfect thru 6 with 7Ks and a heck of 3-6-1 DP in the 7th. Amazing game. Brendan Taylor was 2-2 with a walk. Kerri Moody HBP runs scored. Matt Calouri with a double and a run. Josh Genovese was 2-3 with 2 RBIs and a heck of a put out at third from right.

5/17 (Platt Tech)RHE
Trumbull Titans14163
Milford A's13122
WP: James (1-0)
S: Tiriolo
Titans: This was a team win for the Titans, getting contributions throughout the lineup. Scott James took the hill coming off injury and struggled in the first, but found his grove. A 15 hit attack, led by Gio Davis's leadoff triple, Brian Tiriolo's 5-5 performance on the day. Jim Lewicki held down the fort and got the ball and the lead to Tiriolo to close it out.
A's: The A's fell behind early, but no lead was safe as they quickly erased an early 3-0 defecit, and lpulled to within one, making this a nailbiter in the 9th. Stringing together 12 timely hits, along with heads up baserunning, the A's had the tying run on base to end the game.

5/17 (Vets Easton)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers682
Fairfield Mariners492
WP: Jose Nieves
S: Jay Soto
LP: Rich Lee
Dodgers: Geoff, Mike, and Narell all had RBIs in this game. The Dodgers were fortunate to have timely hitting. Lee did a great job of slowing down the Dodgers' hitting and run production. Well played game by the Dodgers. Tight defense and great pitching were big components to this win. Jose was a rock in this game having pitched 7 complete innings. Jay came in to nail the game down.
Mariners: The Mariners came to play, scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the first to take the lead. Lee provided a solid start, but the Mariners hitting came up a bit short in the end. Mariners' hitters showed patience during their at bats. Mariners' hitters drew 10 walks in this game. Well played game by the Mariners.