North Division W L Pts
Newtown Outlaws 7 1 14
Monroe Top Hats 5 2 10
Trumbull Titans 2 5 4
Fairfield Mariners 2 5 4
Bridgeport Dodgers 2 5 4
Milford A's 2 6 4
South Division
Stamford Pirates 8 1 16
Westport Cardinals 6 2 12
Fairfield Royals 5 1 10
New Canaan Cannons 3 5 6
Bridgeport Brewers 2 5 4
Stamford Mets 1 7 2

6/269:00 amMariners vs. BrewersCentral HSPost Score
6/269:00 amA's vs. MetsCubetaPost Score
6/269:00 amDodgers vs. CardinalsDoubledayPost Score
6/268:00 amTitans vs. RoyalsHarbor YardPost Score
6/269:00 amOutlaws vs. PiratesStamford HSPost Score
6/269:00 amCannons vs. Top HatsWolfe ParkPost Score
7/109:00 amMets vs. Mariners
7/109:00 amBrewers vs. Dodgers
7/109:00 amTitans vs. Cannons
7/109:00 amTop Hats vs. Pirates
7/109:00 amCardinals vs. A's
7/109:00 amRoyals vs. Outlaws
7/179:00 amCardinals vs. Brewers
7/179:00 amOutlaws vs. Mariners
7/179:00 amMets vs. Pirates
7/179:00 amTop Hats vs. Titans
7/179:00 amDodgers vs. A's
7/179:00 amCannons vs. Royals
7/249:00 amA's vs. Mariners

6/19 (Central HS)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers15180
Trumbull Titans3105
WP: B. Allen

6/19 (Cubeta)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers19227
Stamford Mets886
WP: Jason Soto
Dodgers: Close game through 3 innings, but the Dodgers put up 8 runs in the 4th inning. The Dodgers added more runs in the 5th and 6th innings.
Mets: The Mets refused to quit in this game. They put up the majority of their runs in 7th and 8th innings.

6/19 (Doubleday)RHE
Westport Cardinals391
Monroe Top Hats4101
WP: M.Costantini
Cardinals: Anderson had a double and run scored. Grosso 2 hits, RBI, and run scored. Van Zant had 2 hits. Clauson a single and RBI. Anagnostou, Moody, and Lasko a hit each. Well played game defensively by both sides.
Top Hats: M.Costantini went 9 innings for the CG, allowing 3 runs, 2ER, on 9 hits and 4 K's with no walks. He also went 2-4 at the plate with an RBI. C.Tuba, D.Erickson, and H.Phillips had 2 hits and an RBI each.

6/19 (Mead Park)RHE
Newtown Outlaws12153
New Canaan Cannons5100
WP: Arconti
Outlaws: Chris Arconti picked up another win for the Outlaws. He threw a complete game. Chris got plenty of offense from a well balanced offensive attack. Lavalle 2-6, Murdoch 2 rbi 3-6, Egan 2-4 with 4 rbi, Henry 2-5 and Adler was 3-5
Cannons: The Cannons played a great game and kept battling until the Outlaws broke it open in the 8th, Linnean 1-3 with rbi, Dunnam 2-5 with RBI and Vanwagenen was 2-4

6/19 (Platt Tech)RHE
Stamford Pirates16150
Milford A's020
WP: Dave Moriarity (2-1)
Pirates: Dave threw a complete game allowing 2 hits and striking out 4. He carried a no hitter into the 6th. Giordano 2 hits RBI, Gussaroff 2 hits 2RBI, Paccione 2 hits 2SB, Piccirillo 2 hits, Evan Smith 3 hits RBI, Sticco 2 hits 4RBI.

6/19 (Vets Easton)RHE
Fairfield Royals13184
Fairfield Mariners12103
WP: Moran
LP: Lee
Royals: Royals battle back from a 5-1 deficit in the third to to walk off win in the 10th by Herrick going 4/6, Howard 3/5 Moran 2/5 triple. Redding 3 for 6 (double)
Mariners: Mariners put up 5 runs in the third, gave up the lead in the 5th only to retake it in the top of the 8th and top of the 9th. Lee pitched 10 solid innings. Great game on both parts.

6/12 (Central HS)RHE
Monroe Top Hats17195
Bridgeport Brewers593
WP: M.Costantini
LP: B.Mackey
Top Hats: The game was 4-3 going into the 6th until the Hats batted around in the 6th & 7th scoring 13 runs. J.Moss was 3-5 2b 3r. S.Brink was 4-6 2b 3rbi 3r. D.Erickson 4-5 with 2b 2rbi and 3runs. T.Simpson 2-3, 2rbi 2r and 2 SB. C.Tuba 1-2 2rbi, 2bb and a run. C.Alvear scored from 1B on a monster double by J.Pellegrino. M.Costantini went 6 solid innings scattering 7 hits and was 2-4 with 2rbi.
Brewers: Gaffney went 2-3 with a run. Ostruzka was 3-4 with a double and a run. Mackey pitched well striking out 5.

6/12 (Cubeta)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers671
Stamford Pirates7146
Dodgers: Dodgers starting the game with a hitting barrage. Ismael(2)2B. Jose 2B. 10 IP by Dom, 9K's
Pirates: Pirates spread the hits throughout the lineup. Gussaroff HR, 2B, 2 RBI. Vega 1 Hit, 3 RBI. Gioradno 3 hits. 5IP by Gussaroff, 14K's

6/12 (Harbor Yard)RHE
Milford A's153
Fairfield Royals14121
WP: Moran
A's: A's threatened throughout the game leaving runners in scoring position most innings.
Royals: Moran 7 IP 5k Diaz 4/5 (3b/2b 3rbi) Moran 2/4, Howard 2/4, Herrick 2/4 Friedman 1/3 BB

6/12 (Madison MS)RHE
Westport Cardinals24271
Trumbull Titans364
WP: Griff Anthony 2-0
Cardinals: Griff 5IP, 6H, 3K, 2BB, 3ER. Anagnostou 4-5, 2B, 4 runs. Van Zant 2-5, RBI, 3 runs. Anderson 4-5, HR, 6 RBIs, 3 runs. Taylor 5-5, HR, 2 RBI, 4 runs. Grasso 4-4, 2B, BB, 4 runs. Moody 2-4, BB, SB, RBI, 3 runs. Lasko 1-5, RBI. Thornton 1-3, sac, 4 RBIs, run. Gardner 4-4, 2 RBIs, run. Casale 2-4, run.
Titans: Davis BB, run. Jarit, 1-3, run. Reasor 2-3, run. Tsouris 1-2, 2B, 2 RBIs. Micknowicz, BB. Vinci, 2-2. Zanin 1-2.

6/12 (Mead Park)RHE
New Canaan Cannons7151
Fairfield Mariners392
WP: Parker
S: Carew
LP: Lee
Cannons: Close game until NC scores 3 in the 7th on a Van Wagenen single and RBI's by Doyle and Linnean. NC got 3 runs in the 3rd on consecutive singles by Grossman and Dunnam. Parker scattered 7 hits over 6 innings and Carew finished for the save. Valentine 3H/2R, Linnean 3H/2R/RBI, Van Wagenen 2H/RBI, Grossman 2H/2RBI and Biasi and Van Horn 2 hits each.
Mariners: Mariners threaten all game leaving 13 men on base -5 in the last 2 innings. Bardes 2H/2R/RBI, Manowitz 2H/R/RBI. Rondon 3H, McGlaughlin and Mullen also have hits.

6/12 (Parloa Bethel)RHE
Stamford Mets5120
Newtown Outlaws11170
WP: Arconti
Mets: The Mets played a great game and led through 6 innings. They kept getting men on base and got some timely hits. Kent, Whiells and Falkoff all had two hits.
Outlaws: The Outlaws trailed through 6 but the offense exploded late in the game. Darren Lavalle had two triples, Dan Murdoch went 4-5 and Jon Chik gave the OUtlaws a lead in the bottom of the sixth with a two run two out single.