Standings W L Pts
Milford A's 14 4 28
Westport Cardinals 12 6 24
Monroe Top Hats 11 7 22
Fairfield Mariners 10 8 20
Stamford Phillies 10 8 17
New Canaan Cannons 10 8 14
Trumbull Titans 7 11 14
Bridgeport Brewers 7 11 14
Bridgeport Dodgers 5 13 10
Stamford Mets 4 14 8

Men's Senior Baseball League
Men's 25+ Wood Bat League
Reg. Season Runs From April - September
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2014 MSBL Champions
Fairfield Mariners


9/20 (Mead Park)RHE
New Canaan Cannons393
Fairfield Mariners8151
WP: Rich Lee 12-2 (4-0 playoffs)
LP: Parker
Cannons: Good Series played by Cannons. Van Wagenen 3 singles 2runs scored,Valentine 2 singles 1 run scored
Mariners: Mariners go 6-1 in playoffs, climb out of losers bracket as a #4 seed. Rich Lee on his Wedding Day, pitched a quick 9 innings and went to his afternoon wedding! Congratulations Mr Lee! 9IP 9H 2Ks 2 BB 3R 2ER. Jon Davis 4-4 1RBI Rob Ayala 1 double and 2 singles Bob Manowitz 2 sis 1 RBI, Al Smith 2 singles 2RBIs, Frank Lato 1 double 2 RBIs, Billy Bardes single 1 RBI, Imtiaz Vohra 1 double 1and RBI, Tim Christensen 1 single 1 SAC. GREAT SEASON MARINERS!!!

9/14 (Meade Park)RHE
Fairfield Mariners481
New Canaan Cannons3113
WP: Mike Guilfoyle
LP: Scott Carew
Mariners: Mike Guilfoyle was outstanding pitching all 10 innings and walking only one. Bob Manowitz's 3rd hit drove in the go-ahead run in the 10th inning. Smith had the big blows: an rbi double in the 3rd and a 2-run homer in the 5th
Cannons: Cannons got great pitching from Justin Parker-4+ and Carew 6 innings. Brian Valentine lined 3 hits while Brodie Van Wagenen and Matt Nussbaum each cracked 2. Cannons rallied trailing 3-1 w/ 1 run in the 8th then tie it w/2 outs in the 9th on Mike Fonseca'a single.

9/13 (Platt Tech )RHE
Fairfield Mariners11164
Milford A's8124
WP: Rich Lee
Mariners: Another Rich Lee great performance, complete game with 12H 8Ks 0BB. Mark Rowland 4-4 2 triples 2 singles 1RBI, Shaun Malay 2 singles 3RBIs,Al Smith a double and single 1RBI,Frank Lato a double and 2 singles,Jon Davis 2 singles and RBI
A's: Great game guys. We had four real good games this year.Morresey had 3 hits,Petito had 2 hits,Hayward had 2 hits

9/7 (Wakeman)RHE
Fairfield Mariners8152
Westport Cardinals6123
WP: Steve McLoughlin
LP: Chuck Hite
Mariners: Mariners down 5-1 after 3inns, climb back and take a 6-5 lead in the top of the 9th, Cards tie it up in bottom of 9th, Frank Lato hits a game winning Pinch hit RBI triple and then scores to give the Mariners a victory in 11 innings. Amazing performance by Steve McLoughlin, 11IP,12H,5Ks,2BB,6R. Frank Lato pinch hit RBI triple, Mark Rowland 2 singles 1 double, Shaun Malay 2 singles 2RBIs,Imtiaz Vohra 2 singles 2BB and 3Runs, Eric Mullen 2 singles.
Cardinals: What a great baseball game,with a little of everything in it.Steve Anagnosiou had 3 hits,Lasko 2 hits,Sanchez 2 hits, Lars Anderson a game tying double in the bottom of the 9th! Good pitching as well.

9/6 (Central HS, BPT)RHE
Trumbull Titans451
Westport Cardinals580
WP: Anagnostou 5-0
Titans: Close game, fast game a lot of fun. Manny 1-4, run. Tsourus 2-4, 2B, RBI. Park 2-3, 2B, RBI, run, BB.
Cardinals: Steve Anagnostou pitched a complete game striking out 8, walking one yielding only 5 hits. "superstar". He also when 1-3 at the plate with a stolen base run scored and a walk. Casale 2-4, 2RBIs game wining run. Anderson 1-4, 3B, game winning RBI. Gardner 2-3, SB, RBI, run scored. Lange 1-4. Taylor BB, run scored. Sanchez 1-3, SB, RBI, run scored.

9/6 (Platt Tech )RHE
New Canaan Cannons451
Milford A's253
WP: Scott Carew
LP: Klemenz
Cannons: Dr.Matt Grossman's long 8th inn. double plated the go ahead run,followed by Matt Nussbaum's rbi. single. Cannons get great 5+ innings pitching by Justin Parker followed by shutdown relief by Carew. Solid Cannon's defense
A's: Olenski goes 5 solid innings on hill stranding numerous runners; Klemenz goes 2+ followed by Morytko.

9/6 (Vets Easton)RHE
Fairfield Mariners672
Monroe Top Hats573
WP: Rich Lee 11-3
LP: Mike Constantine
Mariners: Rich Lee goes the distance for a tough win. 9Ip 7H 5R 3K 1 BB Jon Davis had a RBI 2B and a RBI SAC Fly. Shaun Malay 2 Doubles and 2 RBIs and Eric Mullen a Triple Double and Single 1 RBI
Top Hats: Another classic battle between Mariners and Top Hats! Brink 3 run Home Run in the woods in Easton. He also had a Double and a single. Moss had 2Hits.

8/24 (Cubeta Park)RHE
Trumbull Titans261
Stamford Phillies041
WP: Lewicki
S: Tiriolo
Titans: Jim Lewicki scattered 3 hits over 7 and 1/3 innings. Truly a pitcher's duel and a crisp, clean game played by both teams in a brisk 2 hrs and 5 mins., Tiriolo, 2 hits
Phillies: The Phillies made the Titans D work hard as there was only one K the entire day. Pitching was key as well, allowing only 6 hits.

8/24 (Doubleday)RHE
New Canaan Cannons8122
Westport Cardinals352
WP: Justin Parker
LP: Taylor
Cannons: -Cannons blow open a tie game w/ 5 runs in the 9th--Brodie Van Wagenen(2 hits 3 rbi.s) big hit breaks the tie-Brian Valentine w/ 3 hits starts rally w great bunt single .Doyle goes 4 +, Dunnam Ks 5 over 2 +, Parker closes it out-great defense Carew @ SS, Nussbaum amazing throw out at home from RF--defending Champs are tough !
Cardinals: Great game--Anagnostou is a STAR--pitches 7 strong, 2 liner hits ,maybe 5 SB, tremendous running catch from SS, stole home! Casle rbi. single, lasko dbl. 3rd baseman -great game-- a very good team

8/24 (Platt Tech )RHE
Fairfield Mariners241
Milford A's7100
WP: Lafierre 4-0
S: Morytko 5
Mariners: Bardes Double. Malay RBI. Smith single, Run. Vohra single. Rosa RBI. Outstanding pitching from the Mariners.
A's: Petito 3-4, 3 Runs, SB. David double, Run, SB, RBI. Dombrowski 3-4, Triple, Double, Run, 3RBI. Tracy Run. Newton 2-4, Run, RBI. Lafierre 2-4, Double, RBI, 2SB. Olenski 6IP, 3H, 2K. Lafierre 1IP, K. Morytko 2IP, 1Hit, 3K. Game tied at 2 through 7. A's take the lead in the 8th on Lafierre's RBI Double. Well played game throughout.

8/24 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers255
Monroe Top Hats25181
WP: J.Kais
Brewers: R.Monroe was 2-3 with 2 singles, 2 SB and and RBI. Voerg had a double and run scored. B.Allen a single and RBI. Tough game in the field for the Brewers but they kept playing hard all game despite the score.
Top Hats: 18 hits and 11 walks for the Top Hats. B.Wyman was 3-4 with 3 runs and 7 RBI, including a grand slam. K.Griffin had 3 hits and 4 RBI, S.Brink 3 hits and 3 runs, J.Moss 2 hits and 3 RBI, T.Banca 1-1; J.Kais 5IP, 2 ER, 5 hits, 6 K's. Hats scored 6 runs in the 1st for the early lead and then broke it open later.

8/23 (Doubleday)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers481
Westport Cardinals8141
WP: Chris Hannon 2-0
S: Brendan Taylor 4
Brewers: Monroe 3-4, 3B, RBI, run, SB, BB. Allen 1-4, run, BB. Gaffney 1-4, run, HBP. Mora 2-4, 2 2Bs, RBI. White 1-4. Shearn, 1-4. Mananna 1-4, run.
Cardinals: Great pitching, Chris went 8 solid for the win, 2 earned, 6 hits. Brendan closed the door. Anagnostou 4-4, 2B, RBI, run, SB. Casale 1-4, 2 RBIs, 2 runs. Anderson 4-4, 2B, 3B, 3 RBIs, 2 runs. Taylor, Sac, RBI. Garey 1-3, 2B, RBI, BB. Genovese 1-4. Lasko 2-4. Gardner 2-3, run, BB. Taylor 1-3, run.

8/23 (Platt Tech )RHE
Trumbull Titans9156
Milford A's21161
WP: Klemenz
Titans: Davis 3-5, 3 Runs. Micknowitz 4-5, 4 Runs. Denise 3-5, Run, 2 RBI. Reasor 2-5, Run, 3 RBI. Tsouris 3-5. Speck man Hit. Hard hitting Titans team took an early 5-0 lead
A's: Petito 2-5, 2 Runs, RBI. Morrissey 4 Runs. David 1-3, 3Runs,3 RBI. Dombrowski 2-6, 2 Runs, 4 RBI. Tracy 2-5, 2. Runs, 2 RBI, SB. Newton Double, 2 Runs, 2 RBI, SB. Lafierre 2-4, Rin, SB. Morytko 2Hits, 2 Runs, RBI. Southard Double, 2 Runs. Kaminski, Hayward, Ortega Hits. Klemenz complete game win

8/23 (Vets Easton)RHE
Stamford Phillies181
Fairfield Mariners361
WP: Rich Lee 10-3
LP: Dave Moriarty
Phillies: Great pitching by Dave.Phillies had 8 hits but just 1 run. Good luck thru playoffs!
Mariners: Great pitching be Rich Lee again. 9 inn 8 H 1 Run 6Ks 1bb. Al Smith 2-4, Billy Bardes 1-3 Sac 2 Rbis,Tim Christensen 1-3 1 Rbi.

8/23 (Wolfe Park)RHE
New Canaan Cannons692
Monroe Top Hats562
WP: Scott Carew
LP: Constantini
Cannons: Trailing 3-1 Cannons score 6 in the 7th then hold on. Justin Parker goes 4+ sharp innings on hill. Carew guts out to the finish. Doyle, jones 2 hits each, Linnean big 2 run single. Game ends on Brian Valentine's running over-shoulder catch w tying run rounding 3rd
Top Hats: Clem Alvear pitches very well into the 7th. Erickson 3 hits 3 RBI.s . Top Hats battled for 9 long innings