Standings W L Pts
Westport Cardinals 10 4 20
Milford A's 10 4 20
Monroe Top Hats 10 5 20
New Canaan Cannons 8 7 16
Fairfield Mariners 7 5 14
Stamford Phillies 7 7 14
Bridgeport Brewers 6 8 12
Trumbull Titans 5 10 10
Bridgeport Dodgers 5 10 10
Stamford Mets 3 11 6

7/27 9:00 AMBrewers vs. TitansTrumbulll VarsiPost Score
7/27 9:00 AMCardinals vs. MarinersVets EastonPost Score
8/1 7:00 PMA's vs. Mets
8/39:00 AMBrewers vs. Cardinals
8/3 9:00 AMTop Hats vs. Mariners
8/3 9:00 AMDodgers vs. Cannons
8/3 9:00 AMPhillies vs. Mets
8/3 9:00 AMTitans vs. A's
8/10 9:00 AMMets vs. Brewers
8/10 9:00 AMPhillies vs. Top Hats
8/10 9:00 AMTitans vs. Cannons
8/10 9:00 AMMariners vs. A's
8/157:00 PMMariners vs. Mets
8/17 9:00 AMCannons vs. Dodgers

7/27 (Central HS)RHE
Stamford Phillies591
Bridgeport Dodgers6151
WP: Jose Nieves
Phillies: Good Phillies team led for most of the game and played good defense. Scap had 2 hits including a HR. Jennet and Stucio also contributed 2 hits each. Tough team with good hitters and a tight defense.
Dodgers: Dodgers trailed by 3 going into the bottom of the ninth and rallied to win 6-5. 15 hits by the lineup including a 3-3 day by Albino Jr who had a double and 2 singles. Julio went 2-2 and Shea was 2-4. Phil also sparked the lineup with a 2-3 day and a stolen base. Well pitched game by Jose who went the distance for the win. Walk off single by Chino plated the winning run after 9th inning hits by Shea, Phil, Dave, Anthony, and an intentional walk to Albino Jr

7/27 (Westhill High)RHE
New Canaan Cannons9133
Stamford Mets652
WP: Pat Chieffalo 1-0
S: T. Doyle
LP: J. Fittipalti
Cannons: Chief allows 2 hits in 6 innings and adds 2 hits and 4 rbi. Nussbaum has 3(2 2b)hits, 3 rbi, and 2r. Lopez(rbi and 2r) and Boyton add 2 hits each. Grossman scores 3 runs. Doyle with 6 assists, single, rbi, and save.
Mets: Mets get 3 in 8th on towering homerun by Ingraham, 2-5, 3r, 3 rbi. Reding reaches bases 4 times, 4 steals. Falkoff, Dulski, and Fittipaldi get hits.

7/27 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Milford A's384
Monroe Top Hats791
WP: J.Kais
A's: Hayward had a 1B & 3B and a run scored; Petito and Morrisey 2 hits each; Newton and LaFierre an RBI each. Well played game overall. A couple of errors in the 4th cost the A's a couple of runs. Well pitched by both A's pitchers
Top Hats: K.Griffin was 3-3 with 2 1B, 2B and a HBP; B.Pagel, B.Wyman, and R.Denkin had 2 hits each. J.Guynes had 2 RBI. J.Kais pitched 5 innings for the win, giving up 2 runs on 5 hits, with 2 walks and 2 K's; M.Costantini pitched 2 innings in relief giving up an unearned run on 3 hits with a K; Pagel and D.Erickson each pitched an scoreless inning to close out the win.

7/20 (Doubleday)RHE
Westport Cardinals12122
Stamford Phillies482
WP: Anagnostou 4-0
S: Brendan Taylor, 2
Cardinals: Fun, long day of baseball capped by two solid post game grilling efforts. Anagnostou BB, run, SB. Brendan Taylor 1-4, 2B, 3 RBIs run. Anderson 3-3, 2B, RBI, SB, BB, run. Genovese, HBP, run. Clauson 1-3, 430 ft. 2B, 2 RBIs, run SB. Casale 3-3, 2B, RBI, BB, 3 runs. Lasko 2 runs, BB. Garey 3-4, 2B, 4 RBIs, SB, run. Gardner 1-4, RBI, run.
Phillies: Scapiello 1-4 , RBI, run. Jimenez 1-4, run. Rick P. 1-4, 2 RBIs, run. Vega 3-5, RBI, run. Sticco 1-5, RBI, HBP. Paccione 1-3. Tom 1-3. Cheng BB, run. Chad Balls 1-1, 2B, RBI, run. Phils took the second game in a 2-1 extra inning effort. Al will fill you in on that. They had some sick ass pro prospect pumping in gas.

7/20 (Doubleday)RHE
Stamford Phillies240
Westport Cardinals120
WP: Tom Longyear
LP: Lars Anderson
Phillies: This was a pitchers duel all the way - not much hitting from either team. Tom pitched a gem going 8 innings allowing only 2 hits and 1 unearned run. Phillies walk off on a two out error in the bottom of the 8th.
Cardinals: Anderson was just as good allowing 1 run in the first on a couple of hits and then shutting the Phillies down the rest of the way. Anagnostou was a pest on the bases and created the Cards only run with some aggresive base running. Great day of baseball ... always a lot of fun playing the Cards. Good team good bunch of guys...

7/20 (Madison Middle)RHE
Stamford Mets000
Trumbull Titans700
WP: Park
LP: LaSussa
Mets: The Mets fought hard, threatened often and kept the preaaure on the entire game.
Titans: Park goes 7 innings, 90 pitches in his longest outting of the season. Timely hitting, and taking advantage of opportunities, the Titans played solid defense and offense in the win.

7/20 (Meade Park)RHE
New Canaan Cannons782
Monroe Top Hats6111
WP: Justin Parker
LP: Bob Pagel
Cannons: Matt Nussbaum's 2 run 8th inning homer was the difference in a well-played game between 2 good teams. Thayer Doyle had 3 hits including 2 doubles + Brian Valentine doubled and singled to pace the offense. Cannons defense solid all day. Tom Dunnam throws 5 solid innings-Parker closed it out.
Top Hats: Bob Pagel tough luck loser throws 8 solid. Moss 3 hits,Denkin, Pagel 2 hits each, Top Hats threaten with load bases in 9th .

7/20 (Platt Tech )RHE
Milford A's17100
Bridgeport Brewers352
WP: Olenski 6-2
LP: Mackey
A's: Petito 2-3,3 Run Home run, 3 Runs,BB, 3 RBI.Morrissey Single, Sac, 2 Runs. Tracy 1-2,3 Runs. Dombrowski 1-2,3 Runs, 2 RBI. Southard Double, 2 RBI Olenski 4 IP, 5 H, 5K. Morrissey 1 IP, 1K. A's put up 13 in the first, strong offensive attack led by Joe Petito
Brewers: Monroe Single, Run. Allen Single,SB. Gaffney Triple,, 2 RBI, Run. Rodriguez Double. Blau single

7/20 (Platt Tech )RHE
Bridgeport Brewers471
Milford A's364
WP: B. Allen
Brewers: Monroe 2-4 RBI - mora, rodriguez, mahanna
A's: David 2-3 RBI - david, lafierre, dombrowski 3B - morrisey, david 2B - dombrowski

7/20 (Vets Easton)RHE
Bridgeport Dodgers332
Fairfield Mariners482
WP: Rich Lee 6-2
Dodgers: Good game from Dodgers tied at 3 in the 6th
Mariners: Lee pitched a solid game again for Mariners, Smith had a single with 2RBIs and Rowland had a double and a RBI

7/20 (Vets Easton)RHE
Fairfield Mariners16183
Bridgeport Dodgers153
WP: Al Smith 1-1
Mariners: Good pitching from Al Smith, Mariners had 18 hits, lead by Rowland 4-5 2db, Bardes 2-5 3rbi,Malay 2-4 2Rbis,Rosa 2-4 3Rbi,Manowitz 2-3, Frank Lato 2-3 3Rbis

7/13 (Central HS)RHE
Milford A's14210
Bridgeport Dodgers4611
WP: Lafierre 2-0
A's: Petito 3-6, 2 SB, Run. Kaminski 4-5, 4RBI, 2 Runs. Tracy 2-5, RBI, 2 Runs. Vega 2-2, Run. Neely 2-5, 3 RBI, Run. Ortega 1-2. Hayward 2-2, 2 Doubles, 2 Runs Lafierre 4IP, 5H, 6Ks. Klemenz 2IP, 1H, 3Ks. Morytko 2IP, 0H, 3Ks
Dodgers: Sepelak 1-3, SB, Run. Chino 1-3, Run,2 SB. Romero 1-4, Run, SB, 2 RBI. Stewart 1-2, Triple. Shea RBI

7/13 (Cubeta)RHE
Bridgeport Brewers1100
Stamford Phillies100
WP: Adam the lefty W
LP: Pat Donohue
Brewers: Aiden Gaffney 4 hits 2 RBI's, Chris Shearn double, single 3 RBIs Frtiz Blau 2 RBi's, Brian Allen 2 hits RBI

7/13 (Harbor Yard)RHE
Westport Cardinals766
Stamford Mets551
WP: Chris Hannon 1-0
S: Dan Gray
Cardinals: Hannon threw six solid for the 7-5 W, 7Ks, 3 hits, 0 ER. Brendan Taylor had a three run jack in the third over the left field wall at Harbor Yard, he caught a great game too. Dan Gray closed the door with a three inning save. Taylor 1-3, HR, 3 RBIs, run. Gray 1-4. Lasko 1-4, run. Genovese 1-3, 2B, HBP. Thornton 1-1, 2BB, run. Gardner 2BB, 2 runs. Carroll, 2BB, 2 runs. It seems the Cards like to match hits for errors. Its a new stat we are working on.
Mets: Ingram 1-5. Herrick 2BB, run. Howard BB, run. Falkoff 2-5, 2B, 2RBI, run. Kruger 1-4, run. Warren 1-4, run. Fun game, nice to play at Harbor Yard, thanks to Greg and the Mets for getting the field. By the way Bridgeport would sell that place in a second. CTMSBL Park??? Just a thought.

7/13 (Vets Easton)RHE
New Canaan Cannons012
Fairfield Mariners14132
WP: Rich Lee 5-2
LP: Parker
Mariners: Rich Lee pitches a gem. 7IP,1H,7K,0BB,0Runs, Shaun Malay led the 13 hit attack for the Mariners with 3 singles 1RBI and Mark Rowland had a RBI single and a 3RBI Triple,Al Smith a single and a double with 3 RBIs,Bob Manowitz 2 singles 2 RBIs

7/13 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Trumbull Titans154
Monroe Top Hats1291
WP: J.Kais
Titans: Jarit had 2 hits and an RBI, Davis singled, Park had a double, and Muhlenberg a double and run scored. After a tough 1st inning, Titans pitching and defense settled down and played a great game.
Top Hats: Top Hats put up 10 runs in the 1st inning to put this one out of reach early. J.Moss was 3-3 with 3RBI and a run scored, S.Brink 2-4 with 4 RBI and 2R, K.Griffin 1-3 with 2RBI, J.Londono had a hit and 2RBI, and B.Wyman 2 walks and 3 runs scored. J.Kais threw a 5-inning CG giving up 1 unearned run on 5 hits, 1 BB, and 3 K's

7/13 (Wolfe Park)RHE
Monroe Top Hats794
Trumbull Titans453
WP: C.Bajda
Top Hats: Another 1st inning outburst for the Top Hats. They scored all 7 runs in the 1st. J.Moss was 3-4 with 2RBI and a run, J.Guynes had a hit, run, and RBI, R.Denkin was 2-2 with 2 RBI, C.Alvear and C.Tuba a hit each. M.Costantini pitched 2 solid innings, giving up 2 runs (1 ER) on 2 hits and 2 K's. C.Bajda pitched 4 inning in relief, giving up 2 runs (1 ER) on 3 hits and 6 K's.
Titans: Titans battled back after another tough 1st inning to hold the Top Hats offense and give them a chance for a comeback. They chipped away at the lead, scoring a run in the 1st and 3rd, and 2 in the 6th. Miekowicz had 3 hits and a run scored. Park pitched 4 innings of scoreless relief.